4 London Event Spaces Are Truly Memorable!


When you’ve worked at over 100 venues it’s very rare that a venue truly takes your breath away. Many venues follow the basic principle of providing all the facilities and services necessary for a successful event. If you just want a successful event these venues are perfect, but if you want an event that leaves your attendees with a truly memorable experience, selecting the right venue can be crucial. There are over 1000 event venues in London ranging from large scale conference venues right down to small music venues. When it comes to selecting the right venue for your event, you’re almost spoilt for choice. I’d like to share with you five venues that I feel truly stand out in that crowd and what makes them so special.


1. One Embankment

Part of the collection of One Venues across London, One Embankment is the youngest and most exciting member of the collection. Behind two unsuspecting doors under the arches of Waterloo Bridge, One Embankment is the type of venue that you would walk past without noticing during daylight but at night the venue comes to life. With a capacity for 750 guests, the venue has played host to numerous product launches countless parties. If you’re part of a nameless, faceless organisation that has done things the same way for as long as you can remember, One Embankment probably isn’t for you. If, however, you are looking for somewhere young, exciting and fun to entertain clients or staff then you may want to seriously consider this venue for your next event.


2. Somerset House

Coming from Yorkshire, a county that is full of spectacular and jaw dropping scenery, there are very few things about London that I find beautiful; Somerset House is one of those few exceptions. I remember the first time I ever worked at Somerset House as a venue, stepping out onto the balcony that overlooks the courtyard and seeing what is one of the finest pieces of architecture in London. The venue itself has a number of spaces that can cater for anywhere from 5 to 1500 guests for almost any type of event. If you’re looking for an event in truly beautiful surroundings, Somerset House is almost unparalleled in the London venues market.


3. Alexandra Palace

I know a lot of people that don’t like Alexandra Palace as a venue; I also know a lot of people who say its is their favourite London venue. For me as a conference and exhibition venue as well as a concert venue, I think it offers a little bit more soul and personality that spaces such as the Excel and Olympia. With a capacity of up to 10,000, Alexandra Palace is capable of catering for almost any event. A concert or conference at Alexandra Palace though is not just an event that offers great facilities and capacity, but also provides your attendees with a venue that has over 130 years of history, not to mention to the spectacular views across London when you walk out of the front door.


4. Landing 42 @ The Leadenhall Building

The Leadenhall Building was not designed for events, anybody who’s worked there will vouch for that. As a venue it’s a space that’s dysfunctional and faces a constant battle for space back of house. As a guest however, when you enter the building and look out at the views across the night skyline of London, these problems are something you wouldn’t even know exist. The space is run and catered for by a team that can make the space appear to work seamlessly for up to 300 guests. Landing 42 is a space that despite it’s functional problems, as a guest, it is quite literally the pinnacle of the London events industry.


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