Events Are About People: What Are You Looking For In Your Event Staff?

Waiter 18 July 2012 istock

‘Events are about people, and having the right team of people in place holds the key to the success or failure of an event. People with passion, flair and ambition have the ability to not only create a successful event, but to take the event to the next level and ensure it becomes a memorable occasion for all involved.’

With the events industry in the UK set to grow by 25% before 2020 the current competition for staff the industry faces is only going to increase. With competition increasing, getting the right staff to play a part in your events business is crucial and the impact they’ll have on your events cannot be understated. When searching for event staff, people often look for people with industry experience, company knowledge and the ‘industry look’. Many of these can be useful in determining the level of service your staff provide; but after a year of interviewing event staff, I’d like to highlight a few of the qualities I think make the best staff I’ve hired truly stand out and make the events they work on a success:

Communication: Communication plays a key role in not just the way your staff interact with guests, but in the way they interact with other staff and integrate as a part of your team. Communication is not just the words your staff say, but the body language they show as well, 93% of all communication is non verbal. The information that your staff give verbally is obviously of importance, but it’s the way they deliver this information that gives the information flavour and make your event staff a memorable part of the event for all the right reasons.

A Smile: I know it’s a little cliché, but staff that smile will always stand out over those that don’t. A smile is contagious, and the only thing better than one staff member walking round smiling is all of your staff walking round smiling. 83% of workers in the events industry say that stress is a significant problem in the workplace; putting on a smile apparently releases endorphins that can help reduce stress.

People who are interested: We’re not talking about people here who live, work and breath the events industry, but it’s well known that people who enjoy coming into work and have an interest in what they are doing will always be better workers. People who are passionate are far better at engaging with customers and the team which in the events world is a key part of any of the work undertaken. Passionate people are also more likely to come up with new ideas to help and further your event, admittedly you won’t always like or agree with these ideas but surely staff with ideas is better than staff that don’t talk or contribute for your entire event.

A Can-Do Attitude: Employers are increasingly citing attitude as the biggest problem they have with candidates looking for. Saying no to a guest or attendee at an event will always evoke a negative reaction. Saying no however then following that no up with a solution or suggestion is key to meeting customer needs and can have a real impact on your attendee experience.

When looking to employ event staff it’s important that we take the time to remember what we can teach staff and what they have naturally. The technical skills they will use out on site and the knowledge of an organisation or venue are both aspects of a job that people are able to learn and develop. Having a team of staff in place that have great people skills and a can do attitude can make your guest experience not only good, but memorable; and as event managers we should be in the business of creating memories!


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